GCSE Exam Results

GCSE results day will be a tense time for students, parents, carers and teachers across the country as GCSE results are published.

Know your options
Young people are required to stay in education or training until they are 18. Students leaving year 11 have the following options:

If you don’t get the grades to get onto the course they applied for, you could start at a lower level or apply to a different course and/or institution.

Act immediately – If you do not get the grades required to get onto the course you have applied for, you need to act as quickly as possible.

If you have applied to college – Contact the college straight away, all colleges are open on results day and the following weeks to advise and support students to get onto the right course for them. If you have applied for, say, a level 2 course but don’t have the grades to get onto it, the college may offer you a place on the level 1 course. Make sure you have your results and any other useful documentation (i.e. ID, references, records of achievement, portfolios etc) to hand as the colleges may need to see them. If you can’t get to the college, call them as soon as possible as places will fill up quickly.

If you have applied to 6th form – Speak to the head of year 12 or relevant subject teacher as soon as possible on results day. They may allow you to continue on your course of choice whilst retaking any GCSEs you didn’t get (usually maths or English). Alternatively they may offer you a different course e.g. BTEC.

If you have applied for an apprenticeship – Contact the employer/training provider straight away. If you have gone through an interview and/or assessment test to get onto the apprenticeship they may still allow you to continue without the required grades. If not, they may allow you to start at a lower level.

If you haven’t applied anywhere:-

  • You want to stay on at school: most school 6th form places are taken by results day but it may still be worth speaking to the school about your options.
  • You to go to college: go to the college as soon as possible to talk to the subject tutors about how to apply. Make sure you take your results with you as well as anything else you have that may be useful (e.g. ID, records of achievement, references, portfolios etc).
  • You want to get an apprenticeship/job: Check out the Careers Wales Apprenticeship site.

Don’t rush into making a decision
If you are unable to continue onto the course you applied for, you may be offered a totally different course or subject. Some students may take the offer just so they can stay at their school or college of choice, but once they have started the course may regret it if it’s not something they really want to do. This could lead to them dropping out and having to wait until the following September to start again. In this case it’s recommended you should talk to an careers adviser.

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